The Smooch-A-Pig Competition

The Who

Flying Squirrels Charities is the 501(c)3 charity arm of the Richmond Flying Squirrels. The purpose of Flying Squirrels Charities is to partner and connect the Flying Squirrels brand with the Greater Richmond community in an effort to optimize results from fun and versatile fundraising campaigns to benefit youth in the city of Richmond.

The Why

ProceedsĀ are donated to "Operation Renovationā€ a dedicated community project designed to renovate 12 Richmond City youth baseball facilities. "Operation Renovation" is intended to create safe, community-minded spaces that are dedicated to Richmond's youth.

The specific goals, facilities and phases of Operation Renovation can be found here.

The How

Fundraising for Flying Squirrels Charities includes a variety of events including the annual Hot Stove Banquet, the Turn Left Golf Classic, jersey auctions throughout the season, and the Smooch-a-Pig Campaign.